Who We Are

Denise Hamilton, a seasoned writer and producer with over 30 years of experience, has left an indelible mark on the global stage. Her work spans television network specials, syndicated programs, and stage direction.  In the realm of documentary and broadcast journalism, she has been a writer and field producer for four internationally shot documentaries. Before her move to Los Angeles, she was a key figure in arts administration, serving as a program director at the New York Foundation for the Arts, director of Education Programs for the Roundabout Theatre Company, and a Commissioner with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Wash. D.C. Currently, she imparts her knowledge as a documentary filmmaking teacher at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles campus. Her multi-media theatre piece “Parallax: In Honor of Daisy Bates” is published in the anthology WOMEN HEROES: Six Short Plays, and produced by The Women’s Project of the American Place Theatre, New York City.

Over the past four years, within her capacity as a Project Director for RACE RELAY® gatherings, she has conducted dozens of ongoing community engagement dialogues through the Common Peace Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence and Women in Technology International (WITI).

Fred Sugarman, a movement artist and educator, is a testament to the power of resilience. As the founder/ director of Medicine Dance:  An Integrative Movement Approach to Healing, he has been teaching for the past 13 years, offering his expertise through UCLArts and Healing. Fred’s commitment to a life-long, self-directed healing and learning process was sparked by a motorcycle accident that severely damaged his fibula and tibia. He embarked on a journey of healing and learning, studying under masters of movement and dance, acting, mindfulness and meditation, and Native American teachings. His primary interest lies in the space between the healing and the performing arts, and his mission is to help people develop better relationships with their bodies.  Fred served as a consultant with the Mindful Movement Program for Breast Cancer Survivors funded by the California Research Program in collaboration with the City of Hope and is a certified Dance, Alive instructor.

Christo Pellani is recognized internationally as a performer, expressive therapist, master drummer and rhythm awareness drum circle facilitator, healing arts educator, and practitioner. He is the creator of SOUNDFORMATION MUSIC™ specializing in quality expressive and healing arts services that facilitate human potential by creating experiences that blend principles of rhythm, sound, and movement therapies for personal expression, growth, and well-being.  His unique interactive drumming/percussion curriculum “RHYTHMAGIC” ™ utilizes instructional exercises and games promoting team building, shared leadership, and creative expression through experiential rhythm awareness. He has conducted seminars in Hawaii, Tahiti, Bali, Mexico, China, Brasil, Europe, and North America.

Christo is currently Creative Director for the “POSSIBLE DREAM PLAYERS”, a therapeutic musical theater troupe serving adults with developmental disabilities. He also serves at-risk and orphaned youth, disabled adults, and a variety of people as an expressive therapist, through many counseling and therapeutic recreation programs and non-profit organizations. Author of “LIVING ADVENTURES THROUGH SOUND”™ a unique interactive sound healing curriculum,  he holds a residency as a certified Qi Gong and Sound and Vibration healing instructor for the Tama-Do Academy, California Academy for the Healing Arts and LIVE Yoga/ Wellness.

Redelia Shaw is a producer with over fifteen years of professional experience in commercial, independent television, and film projects. She has worked in numerous capacities on projects on network and cable, including Fox, ShowTime, ABC, and PBS. In 2013, her film Journey to Africa, an interactive online documentary, was awarded an Artist-in-Residence Fellowship to the Wexner Center and selected to the Film Independent (FIND) Documentary Lab, where she met filmmakers who asked her to join United Notions Film (UNF). Her credits as a producer include The Bolivian Case (2015), Cocaine Prison (2017), and, most currently. La Lucha (In production). Cocaine Prison did very well and was screened at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. Redelia is an educator and producer who leads the Media Production program at Santa Monica College, where she applies her pragmatic approach to teaching to inspire students to become content creators and fiercely tell stories that matter.

We pay homage to Colleen Passard, a member of the original creative team of RACE RELAY. She is a versatile writer, mediator, and coach. With a MA in Humanistic Counseling Psychology and certifications in conflict resolution, circle processes, and restorative justice, she brought a wealth of experience to the table. Colleen has conducted empowerment workshops and conflict resolution training for diverse audiences and organizations, ranging from CEOs to prison inmates.

As a motivational speaker, storyteller, and Peace-builder, Colleen is passionate about helping individuals, companies, and communities lead with heart by accepting different and opposite aspects of themselves and each other.

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